Billy West

Contract Project Manager
Billy West was a key member of the VIV Solutions team. He spent many years working as a contractor for Shell supporting offshore VIV suppression projects and developing new technologies. One of his most well-known contributions related to Shell’s retrofit tooling for subsea installation of fairings and strakes. He also assisted with multiple installations of VIV Solutions’ Tail Fairings on drilling campaigns and provided critical technical support on the first ever s-lay installations of fairings. Billy would return from his trips offshore and immediately implement methods to improve upon existing products or invent new ones. Many of his concepts are now patent-pending and he was a co-inventor for each of VIV Solutions’ first three patents. Billy also played a critical role in overseeing QA/QC inspection activities at our vendor sites. He was a very talented individual and we were all fortunate to work with him. We will miss Billy both as a colleague and as a friend.