Hybrid suppression systems consist of a combination of one or more VIV suppression devices.  Perhaps the most common hybrid suppression system consists of a mix of standard helical strakes and fairings.  Other hybrid suppression combinations are also possible such as short-chord fairings and long-chord fairings.  Hybrid suppression systems are becoming more popular as engineers strive to maximize the benefits of each type of suppression device and to optimize the overall suppression system performance while minimizing overall project costs.  Installation considerations may also determine the selection of hybrid suppression systems and their components.

Like the fairing example above, within a class of VIV suppression devices there are many combinations that could also be considered “hybrid” in the sense that all of the devices on a tubular are not identical.  Examples include:

While this article has focused on helical strakes and fairings, there are also other classes of VIV suppression devices besides these two classes.  While most of these classes have been used only in the laboratory, some alternative devices have been used in the field.  VIV Solutions continues to develop alternative devices and may introduce one or more of these into the market during the next few years.