VIV Solutions’ fairings provide excellent VIV suppression and drag reduction performance for deepwater drilling operations. Fairings work by streamlining the flow of water around large-diameter tubulars, thereby minimizing vortex shedding forces. In addition to reducing riser and wellhead fatigue, fairings also lower top and bottom angles in strong currents.

VIV Solutions supplies drilling riser fairings for deepwater rigs all across the globe. Our products are proven in the field and supported by a long history of successful installations. Many customers report a substantial reduction in vessel downtime, which translates to considerable savings and lower risks. Our personnel pioneered the use of short fairings in the offshore industry and are proud to introduce the new patent-pending Generation II Tail Fairing™.

Tail Fairings™ are by far the most popular choice for offshore drilling. Their modular design consists of a triangular-styled fin and two straps that are pinned together during installation. A thrust collar between each Tail Fairing serves as a bearing surface. Special shrinkage compensation mechanisms ensure the collars remain tight after hydrostatic compression of the buoyancy at depth.

VIV Solutions recommends a full fairing design for risers with external control lines that cannot be tucked inside the gap between buoyancy modules. Unlike a Tail Fairing, the full fairing body completely enshrouds the tubular. Two halves mate together at the nose and are fastened together along the tail. A custom collar houses an insert which holds the control lines against the buoyancy so that no clamping force is imposed on the lines.

Fairings can also be installed onto slick joints to help reduce drag. Our patent-pending slick joint fairing system is especially effective when used at the top of the riser string where surface currents often dominate.

VIV Solutions’ team of experts can assist in optimizing the layout of fairings on each joint to maximize performance efficiency. We also utilize experienced contractors who provide onshore training and offshore supervision of fairing running and retrieval operations.

Quality control and safety play an important role in the design and production of fairings. Each article is inspected prior to shipment by expert technicians. General assembly drawings, along with other project-specific documents such as inspection reports, shipping records, and sample job safety analyses are provided in a detailed data book.

For additional information about VIV Solutions’ fairings for drilling applications, please contact us or visit us online. We look forward to working with you on your next suppression project.