Helical strakes are a popular choice for suppressing vortex-induced vibration (VIV) of subsea tubulars. Protruding fins disrupt the correlation of vortex shedding along a tubular’s span, resulting in lower and randomly-phased lift and drag forces. Strakes are often a feasible candidate for risers, tendons, jumpers, and horizontal pipeline spans.

At VIV Solutions, each strake we build is designed for maximum performance in the field. Our engineers will work with you to determine the best geometric profile, manufacturing materials, and fastening mechanisms required for your application. Variables such as fin height, strake pitch, etc., are all optimized prior to production.

We provide custom products to solve unique challenges such as improving cathodic protection or accommodating riser shrinkage at depth due to hydrostatic pressure. For example, our SpacerStrakes™ utilize a molded-in channel to offset the strake body away from the pipe. Seawater is able to freely circulate in the space between, thereby improving the cathodic properties of the riser system. On insulated risers that experience diameter changes after installation, we use specialized designs to prevent strakes from slipping axially.  SmartStrakes™ without shells are ideal for applications such as slick joints with auxiliary lines, and utilize SmartBand™ nylon straps.  SmartStrakes are also known as SmartFins™. 

Our strakes are lightweight and durable, proven in even the toughest of offshore environments. Choose from regular, anti-fouling, or abrasion resistant strakes depending upon your technical requirements. We conduct a detailed material qualification program for each project, and invite customers to witness full-scale factory-acceptance testing of the strake bodies.

Quality control and safety are key elements of our manufacturing operations. Trained technicians visually inspect each strake body, and tolerance checks are conducted regularly throughout the manufacturing process. A detailed data book accompanies delivery of the strakes and includes items such as dimensional drawings, material certifications, inspection reports, job safety analyses, and shipping records.

For additional information about VIV Solutions helical strake products, please contact us by using the form on the right side of this page. We look forward to working with you on your next suppression project.