VIV Solutions® is known throughout the offshore industry for our ability to solve unique vortex-induced vibration challenges. When others lack the necessary resources and engineering know-how to design novel solutions, we step up and say yes to tough problems.  Our company is dedicated to meeting customers’ needs.

We strive to meet and exceed specific technical requirements instead of just pushing a generic commoditized product.  Team members hold nearly 50 VIV suppression-related patents which is a testament to our commitment to excellence.  Below is a sampling of recent consulting achievements:

Marine Growth Maintenance Program

  • Major operator requesting evaluation of assets covered with marine growth
  • Examined historical video surveys, inspection logs, and metocean extreme event data for more than a dozen risers fitted with helical strakes and fairings
  • Evaluated performance degradation caused by presence of biofouling organisms on suppression devices’ exterior surface
  • Calculated remaining fatigue life of in-service risers
  • Developed recommendations for future inspections and cleaning operations

Buoyancy Can Suppression

  • Client seeking to minimize VIV/VIM of buoyancy cans prior to tendon installation
  • Adapted spar strake technology for a smaller diameter structure
  • Created a bolt-on suppression device (patent pending) that affixes to the outer surface
  • Deployed design via wet-tow to the field site
  • Reduces vibration and motion of the cans while also preventing clashing once in service

Helical Strakes for Heated Jumpers

  • Anti-fouling suppression needed for a subsea jumper with an external surface design temperature ~150 deg Celsius
  • Additional requirement for enhanced heat transfer to the surrounding environment
  • Investigated alternate specialty materials with strong heat resistance
  • Engineered system with underlying thermal liners and collars to support the body of the strake away from the jumper and increase the flow of seawater between the two surfaces (US Patent 9,523,247)
  • Developed proprietary method for application of anti-fouling coatings with improved bonding characteristics

Custom Consultations Performed

Axial Load Testing of Helical Strake Bodies
Control Arm Fits Over Flanges