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VIV Solutions® is the world’s leader in vortex-induced vibration suppression technologies.  We specialize in the design, engineering, and manufacture of suppression products such as helical strakes and fairings.

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Let us help you design, build, and optimize your suppression system.

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Industry-leading experts can solve your VIV challenges.

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We hold honesty and integrity as guiding principles.

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VortexVines: The New Generation of Helical Strakes

VIV Solutions® is pleased to announce the creation of VortexVines™, the new generation of helical strakes. Tradi...

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VIV Solutions Awarded Patent for FlexLock Fairings

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  • This was the most competent vendor I have worked with in a long time.  The project manager was responsive, efficient, and friendly.  All of the requested paperwork was in order.  The strakes were even delivered ahead of schedule.  I will be recommending VIV Solutions as a preferred vendor for future projects.–Executive Engineer

  • I am extremely impressed with VIV Solutions’ technical capabilities.  The engineers designed a custom fairing for my project that significantly reduced drag loads on our drilling riser.  Without their knowledge of hydrodynamics and VIV, we would have incurred costly downtime waiting on the currents to subside.–Drilling Superintendent

  • I’m glad our client recommended this supplier for the suppression work scope.  They were always looking out for our best interest.  I hope to work with VIV Solutions again on a future project.–Supply Chain Manager

  • These guys brought their ‘A’-game.  Offshore installation was a breeze.  Not only were the strakes fast to install, but we actually had the right equipment for the job.  All the tools in the kit were brand new and we had the perfect amount of spare parts.  Thank you for going the extra mile to make sure we were well prepared. –Installation Specialist