VIV Suppression Can Be Used For Structures Exposed to High Wind Loading

VIV Solutions offers a range of products for application to wind VIV problems including use on both onshore and offshore wind turbines.  Our expertise for both wind and ocean VIV spans a period of over 30 years. 

Helical strakes are the most common device used on structures exposed to high winds.  When only a temporary VIV mitigation is desired, VIV Solutions has products that can be used on one structure and then easily moved to another structure at minimal cost.  Other products can be installed on a more permanent basis including helical strakes, fairings, and other novel suppression devices.  The choice and design of a specific device is dependent upon several parameters including the maximum wind speed, the structural and maximum diameters, the design wind loading, the required suppression efficiency, and the required design life.  VIV Solutions has the expertise to produce the right design and hardware for your wind project.