Henning Devices: Low-Cost VIV Assurance Devices

VIV Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of Henning Devices for VIV suppression.  Henning Devices, also known as “Hennings”, require only a small fraction of the coverage length of helical strakes and fairings therefore making their installation very quick. They are best used on long tubulars such as risers and umbilicals outside of the marine growth region.  Henning Devices have low drag and very high VIV suppression efficiency, while being substantially less expensive than both strakes and fairings.  Contact us today for a quotation!

Technical Specificatoins
Henning Devices
  • Coverage Density = 10-15%
  • Cd ~ 0.6-1.0 (similar to that for a stationary cylinder)
  • Efficiency ≥ 85%