Our engineers have authored various technical notes on complex issues related to vortex-induced vibration (VIV).  These notes are intended to provide a higher level of insight and detail on their respective subject matters.  Please refer to the list below and click on any file to download the PDF.

Managing Marine Growth

Anti-fouling coatings and/or subsea cleaning operations can significantly improve the performance of suppression devices in regions prone to excessive marine growth.


Alternative Buoyancy Systems for Deepwater Drilling

Buoyancy systems with unique surface profiles offer minimal improvements for VIV and drag reduction when compared to devices like fairings.


Helical Strakes: Coverage Length and Density Considerations

VIV suppression benefits can be optimized by pre-determining the amount and location of strakes prior to installation.


Fairings: Coverage Length and Density Considerations

Determining the best location and layout of fairings on a tubular can help minimize cost while still achieving desired performance requirements.


Henning Devices: A Low-Cost VIV Assurance Device

VIV Solutions is pleased to announce the availability of Henning Devices for VIV suppression.  Henning Devices require only a small fraction of the coverage length of helical strakes and fairings.  Henning Devices are best used on long tubulars such as risers and umbilicals outside of the marine growth region.  They are substantially less expensive than strakes for both fabrication and installation costs.  Contact us today for a quotation!


Fins Do Not Need to be Aligned to Adjacent Strakes

Helical Strakes: Fin Alignment

VIV Solutions’ strakes do not require alignment of adjacent fin sections from one strake body to the next, which helps save valuable time offshore during installation.


V-Shaped Fairing Used in Deepwater Drilling

Fairing Shape: The Pros and Cons of Popular Fairing Geometries

Various fairing profiles such as the teardrop and U-shape suppress VIV in deepwater while providing low drag. Each has its own benefits.