Offshore Support

Offshore operations are critical to the success of a project.  Delays and downtime can be very costly, which is why we offer around-the-clock installation support for our products and services.  Our experienced technicians at VIV Solutions® can provide valuable guidance during deployment, ensuring suppression equipment is installed quickly and efficiently.  

Some of the benefits of offshore support include:

  • Knowledge sharing and best practices for improving installation speeds
  • Optimization of the installation procedure specific to the vessel or work area
  • Job safety analyses and toolbox talks with crew members
  • Equipment staging (on deck or in moonpool)
  • Supervision of suppression device installation
  • Tool setup and maintenance
  • General troubleshooting

Offshore Installation Campaigns Supported

Full Fairings are Installed in the Moonpool
Installation Support for S-Lay Fairings
Gen I Tail Fairings Installed in Moonpool