VIV Solutions Celebrates Our 10th Anniversary

VIV Solutions® is celebrating our 10th anniversary!!  While we began formal operations in 2010, our team members have been busy testing and developing vortex-induced vibration (VIV) suppression devices since the 1980s.  Upon formation, we quickly combined our knowledge and experience to begin meeting customer needs and developing new products.

Building on the reputation of our team members, VIV Solutions has grown to become a leader in nearly all things pertaining to VIV, ranging from analysis to manufacturing of suppression devices for a wide variety of offshore tubulars and structures.  Beyond analysis and manufacturing, the team engages in design, testing, research, development, and continuous improvement of all its products.  Our ISO-certified quality program guides each of these activities to meet the highest standard possible.

VIV Solutions has a remarkable reputation for innovation, having been awarded 26 US patents in its first ten years.  These patents have been the foundation for numerous new solutions with more product announcements on the horizon.

Our drilling riser fairings have proven to be the method of choice for drilling in high currents when drag and VIV suppression are important to the well’s success.  Our production tubular fairings continue to see improvement in both structural and hydrodynamic performance and we can successfully design each fairing to optimally meet the combined economic, drag, and suppression criteria of the project.  Finally, we are now offering a new generation of helical strake products that will allow for faster installation both at the surface and subsea.

Thank you to each of our customers for investing in our business and celebrating the successes we have achieved together.  We look forward to working with each of you to meet the VIV challenges of the future!