VIV Solutions Completes Novel Umbilical Fairing Project with External Anti-Fouling Coating

VIV Solutions has recently completed an umbilical fairing project which included fairings with both rotational anti-fouling protection and external anti-fouling protection to keep drag at a minimum.  The umbilical, custom manufactured for a project in the Gulf of Mexico, required low drag to maintain a safe distance from other tubulars.

The need for low drag on an umbilical is common due to their low tension.  VIV Solutions manufactures fairings having the lowest drag that has been accurately measured (by testing on a flexible tubular).  These fairings are also extremely effective at reducing VIV for tubulars ranging in size from umbilicals to drilling riser fairings.

The use of rotational anti-fouling protection is common for fairings residing in areas of significant marine growth.  The protection system that VIV Solutions uses has seen successful use on production tubulars for over 20 years.  Adding external anti-fouling protection minimizes the need for future underwater cleaning to maintain low drag.  Underwater cleaning can entail risks of umbilical damage and thus external anti-fouling protection is a prudent investment.

VIV Solutions personnel pioneered the use of short fairings for both production and drilling risers.  For more information regarding fairings or other products, please contact VIV Solutions today!