VIV Solutions Receives Safety Grant

The right safety equipment can make all the difference in preventing workplace injuries.  That’s why VIV Solutions is proud to be honored as a recent recipient of Texas Mutual’s safety grant award.  Select policyholders were chosen to receive funding to purchase new ergonomic, safety and/or industrial hygiene equipment to reduce and eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses.

Jeff Dupuis, VP of Projects, shared how VIV Solutions intends to use the grant funds:

“We plan to purchase new personal protective equipment (PPE) for crew members who routinely perform factory acceptance testing and conduct helical strake and fairing installations.  Items such as safety glasses, gloves, and ear protection are mandatory on the jobsite, but we’ll also be implementing new safety tools such as cooling towels to reduce heat fatigue, tinted eyewear for prolonged periods of sunlight exposure, and reflective safety vests to uniquely identify short-service employees. Our office-based staff will benefit from improved ergonomic workstations, including adjustable furniture and posture support aids.  Employees can also request a roadside safety kit for the commute to/from work.”

Since its inception in 2010, VIV Solutions has experienced zero safety recordables, LTIs, and fatalities.  The company continues to honor its commitment to safety on all VIV suppression projects.

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